KAWAJUN comprises of the Retail Solution Division, Global Hardware Division, Public Furniture Division, Medical Facility Equipment Division,
Hotel Collection Division, ThreeS Division, KEYUCA Brand Division operating nationwide in Japan.
Every business division in Japan has a speedy distribution network of goods and services nationwide.
We also provide a wide range of services from initial consultation to after-sales support.

Business division introduction

Retail Solution

KAWAJUN`s superior capabilities range from in-store displays to sales promotion efforts and improved logistical efficiencies. This holistic approach is the true strength of our retail support business.
KAWAJUN offers a wide variety of products that differentiate sales floors of supermarkets, department stores, drug stores and big-box stores. Retailers and the manufacturers that supply them rely on our display equipment and accessories for effective presentations at the point of purchase, while our innovative cart systems connect the back office to distribution centers. KAWAJUN`s broad range of capabilities and our deep understanding of the needs of different industries set us apart from the competition and allow us to provide each of our customers with end-to-end support.

Global Hardware

KAWAJUN offers design-oriented interior hardware products for sophisticated residential spaces.
Boasting sophisticated design and unrivaled quality, KAWAJUN`s decorative interior hardware products have built a loyal worldwide base of customers who recognize our commitment to maintaining standards that far exceed the norm. We select only the best materials available, manufacturing and finishing them with meticulous craftsmanship. KAWAJUN products are designed to be both aesthetically striking and universally practical and convenient. We continue to deliver the level of quality demanded by the increasingly individualized market for decorative interior hardware.

Public Furniture International

KAWAJUN adds comfort and design flair to public spaces by offering sophisticated and reliable products.
In a public space where diverse people congregate, requirements for comfort can be widely varied, from design, functionality and color to durability and security. With our expertise in functionality and safety r cultivated in our store-development business r as well as a design sensibility polished through our interior hardware and KEYUCA brand businesses, KAWAJUN is perfectly positioned to serve as a creator of public spaces that deliver practicality, comfort, beauty and convenience.

Hotel Collection

Providing a total service to our customers focusing on their point of view with KAWAJUN`s interior furniture hardware to FF&E and OS&E.
Due to the rapid globalization of recent years, the demand for innovative and varied ideas from the tourism industry have increased.
We have established the hotel division to respond to the needs of this new genre of customers.
From architecture hardware to FF&E and OS&E, KAWAJUN has accumulated new values from the different collaborations and experience of our five divisions (Retail Solution, Grobal Hardware, Public Furniture International, Medical Facility Equipment, and KEYUCA).

Medical Facility Equipment

KAWAJUN creates comfortable spaces for staff and patients at medical facilities.
In medical environments, the importance of a clean and well-organized workspace is key to avoiding errors and delays when time is of the essence. KAWAJUN product development begins with interviews of medical facility front-line staff to assess needs and design products that are lightweight, spacesaving, easy-to-use and efficient. We leverage the knowledge and experience gained from our store-development business to provide safe and functional products.

ThreeS Division

A diversity of technology, materials, creative ideas, and efficient solutions.
KAWAJUN ThreeS Division responds to all of our clients' needs based on the knowledge we have developed over years of working with the distribution industry.
Support for general consumer goods manufacturers
POP design, planning, development, manufacturing, sales, in-store merchandiser planning,
development, manufacturing and sales of sales promotion tools
Specialty Store Support
Total production of in-store fixtures for highly specialized companies such as apparels,
miscellaneous goods, cosmetics and home furnishings


KAWAJUN operates its own retail stores specializing in our KEYUCA brand of home interior products.
Our retail outlets serve as a direct channel to consumers, bringing them first-hand knowledge and experience of the comfort and functionality built into all of our products.
We have employed our extensive knowledge of product development
to create a range of exciting original interior decorations and lifestyle accessories.
Geared toward families living in urban environments,
our shops continue to expand our customer base with a wide array of offerings,
including curtains, furniture and other interior accessories.
The stores also serve as valuable points of interaction with consumers,
allowing KAWAJUN to receive direct customer feedback
that helps us to continually develop new products
that enhance the lives of individuals and families.

Oveseas Offices

KAWAJUN has a robust network within the South East Asian countries engaging in product development, manufacturing and sales.
Leveraging knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in the Japanese market, we have the ability to recognize emerging trends in Asia, to realize them into new products and to deliver these products quickly and efficiently to enhance client growth throughout the region.